Thermally Modified Premium Wood Systems

Contractors and Builders

It's Clean. It's Green. It's EcoPrem.

We make natural wood a viable option for outdoor building projects!
* Vinyl
* Composite wood.
* Pressure-treated wood

With so many choices for siding, deck, and fence materials these days, contractors and builders may be more inclined to pass on natural wood. Sure, it's beautiful. But it just doesn't stay that way. Or it didn't until the advent of EcoPrem thermally modified wood.

EcoPrem wood is thermally modified with heat and steam to resist warping, splitting rotting, and decaying. It holds up to the worst weather. And it keeps on looking good.

Best of all, it does this without toxic chemicals. EcoPrem wood products are chemical-free. Scraps can be recycled into harmless sawdust and mulch.

Today's environmentally conscious consumers really appreciate that. Want to learn more? We've got a few ideas to share with you on how to market yourself to a green audience and become a green deck installer.

For additional details on how our thermally modified wood products benefits contractors and builders, contact EcoVantage.