Thermally Modified Premium Wood Systems

Architects and Suppliers

Discover unlimited possibilities for creativity.

It's Clean. It's Green. It's EcoPrem.

Our patented EcoPrem technology frees architects to deploy the beauty of natural wood in all kinds of exterior projects.

  • fences                                                                                                
  • deck and railing systems
  • siding
  • anything else you can you dream up
However wild your imagination, we've got the thermally modified wood components to help you build it. You and your clients will love how beautifully our products preserve your creation, too. Though still natural wood, EcoPrem products are guaranteed to resist rot or decay.
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Equally appealing, EcoPrem wood products are chemical-free, non-toxic, and completely recyclable. Designing and building for a safer, environmentally friendlier outdoor life has never been easier - or more rewarding.

Contact EcoVantage for the full story on how architects and suppliers can best make use of our thermally treated wood products.