Thermally Modified Premium Wood Systems

What are the advantages of using thermally modified wood?

The thermal modification strengthens the wood, making it ideal for decks, fences, siding, and patio blocks.

Yellow pine is a renewable resource. Since no chemicals are used in the modificaton process, the wood can be used in gardens and scraps turned into mulch.

The EcoPrem process makes EcoVantage products safe. Most pressure-treated woods are produced with the use of toxic chemicals that break down the fasteners that hold projects together. The chemicals in the wood makes it harmful to touch, harmful to breathe the air that surrounds it and harmful to anything that comes in contact with it (skin, clothes, etc.).

Dimensionally Stable:
EcoVantage wood resists moisture, thus creating wood that is resistant to warping.

The thermal modification process created a wood product that is resistant to mildew, rot and insects.

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