Thermally Modified Premium Wood Systems

EcoDeck: Deck, Dock and Railing Systems

 It's the Ultimate Wood Deck & Railing System.
It's Clean. It's Green. It's EcoPrem.
Installing a new outdoor deck is a big investment in home improvement. Picking the right deck materials is crucial. After all, you want your investment to pay off - with long life, low maintenance, and years of undiminished beauty. With pressure treated wood it will look good....for about a year....then it's downhill from there.

Unfortunately, natural wood tends to warp, rot, and decay. And most of the treatments designed to deal with these problems involve the use of toxic toxic home improvement stores post warnings! That's what's you get with pressure treated wood. 

You do have an alternative: Our EcoDeck premium wood deck and railing system.

EcoDeck deck and railing components are shaped and cut from our EcoPrem wood. This is domestically sourced renewable natural yellow pine that's thermally modified with heat and steam to create lumber that's?

  • highly weather-resistant
  • resistant to insects, mold, rot, and decay
  • lightweight
  • incredibly strong and durable
  • dimensionally stable
  • non-toxic and for workers and for your children!

      EcoDeck Options

  • Standard Decking
  • Crown Decking
  • Grooved Decking
  • Beautiful and Inexpensive Railing Systems 

As for the railing, we've developed a wide variety of railing configurations to give you the greatest design flexibility possible. And many of our railing components are specially designed to install quickly.

Learn more:

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